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Member of the month – Marco

A big thank you for your insightful answers. We wish you only the best & further fun with us in training.

Dear Marco, we congratulate you on the title Member Of The Month in December. It’s always a pleasure to have you in the class as you bring good energy and sparkle of joy! You are eternally in a great mood with a big smile on your face carefully listening to all the coach’s tips to get better.
It’s a pleasure to have you in our community.

Happy to answer the questions:
1. What is the first thing you do in the morning? I slip carefully and silently out of the bed not to wake up my better half (and be guilty of waking her up too early, even if it is like 11am….with all the resulting grumpiness)….then COFFEE 😀
2. What CrossFit gear you can’t live without? Knee-sleeves. It is a trick I learned playing rugby: take one piece of gear on you for the match (workout) and use it as a positive booster when the going gets tough. No doubt that knee-sleeves helps with squatting and so, but a lot is in the head.

3. What has required the most courage in your life so far? The 2nd Times: first time is enthusiasm and recklessness, but the second…well, you know s**t is coming your way, and you embrace the suck rather than running away. For instance: I am passionate of diving, and first dive ended in panic…yet I managed to find the courage and do a 2nd one, and since then all went downhill, with more than 100 dives afterwards…or when we did the 2nd „24in24“ Crossfit challenge at Hillseeker 🙂
4. Describe shortly CrossFit Wädenswil. A place born to unite people. Relaxed, welcoming yet challenging. Well structured yet easy-going. A place that I hope all my friends could one day experience.
5. How did you start your CrossFit journey? 10 yrs ago…I just stopped playing competitive rugby, and I struggled to find an alternative sport passion…then, one day, I saw a Reebok commercial on the tv while getting bored running on a treadmill at Active Fitness in Waedenswil…a Crossift commercial with all guys and gals lifting, jumping, pulling…and i thought „This is it!“. It took me 3 months of waiting time for the introductory course at Crossfit Zuerich (still in the 2nd location, a garage in Hohlstrasse, small and smelly…. needless to say, I loved it since day 1.

6. If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why? Being able, for 1 day in a year, to ski like a world champion. I think the feelings would be otherworldly….

7. What is your favorite food? Norcia Ham, almost impossible to find outside of my home-region in Italy. It is obtained from semi-wild pigs (more wild-boar than pigs), raised in fenced forests eating acorns. Fattier than industrial pigs but full of omega 3 in their fat. No nitriles or other bulls**t, just salt, garlic and pepper, then 6-8 months of ageing up in the mountains… if i find it, i might bring it for the 4th CF Waedi anniversary 😀
8. Favorite music to listen to while working out? AC/DC, all of them

9. If you had to name one person who has made a difference in your life, who would it be and why? Well, that list is veeeery long… to pick up one, my daughter Roberta….when she spent her first hour in this world sleeping on my bare chest, listening to a playlist assembled by all my friends, in a warm and cosy room….never felt so close to pure bliss, when everything, really everything was just perfect….
10. Do you hit the snooze button or do you wake up immediately? I either wake up immediately, like jumping out of the bed (silently…see question 1 🙂 ) or I sleep for other 2 hours (and not even a heavy metal concert in my bedroom could wake me up)

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