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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is more than just fitness training. It is a lifestyle that is defined by training, adopting positive habits and community.

Here we answer frequently asked questions about CrossFit.


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a functional and holistic workout. It combines constantly varying, functional movements that are performed at high intensity.
Put simply, it can be described as a modern decathlon in which exercises from weight training, gymnastics and athletics are combined and mixed with endurance elements.

Founded in the 80s by Greg Glassman, CrossFit spread rapidly around the world and is now the fastest growing branch of the fitness industry.

Not to be compared with a conventional fitness studio.

Routine is the enemy. That's why you face new challenges every day.


Why does CrossFit work so well?

It's fun because of the variety - every workout is different and you never get bored.

It is functional - the movements are transferable to everyday life.

It is intensive - the intensity allows you to build up a high level of fitness in a short time.

The Community - Earplugs in and off to training? We don't have anything like that. We are a community - we train, sweat and suffer together - that motivates and connects us.

By the way, you will feel more vital and look even better after a short time...

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the CrossFit slang

Over the years, CrossFit has become very well established and a language has emerged from it that has yet to be deciphered by laypeople. We will help you with some basic terms:

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