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CrossFit Wädenswil is much more than our workplace, it is our home. Our coaches are carefully selected and combine character, passion and experience in CrossFit. They meet the highest standards, live and breathe CrossFit to give you the CrossFit Wädenswil experience!

Our entire team lives CrossFit - we are highly motivated and do everything we can every day to make your sporting home even better. Our culture is defined by positivity, humility, integrity and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

True to our motto: Happy - Hungry - Humble

Marlene Waldvogel

I started my sporting career at the age of 4 in artistic gymnastics. I loved doing gymnastics on the mats and equipment in the glittery gymnastics dresses. I made it to the Swiss junior squad, where I unfortunately injured my knee so badly that I had to say goodbye to this sport at this level.
I then continued with football for almost 20 years. I also spent my free time on mountain tours in summer, ski tours in winter or on my bike or racing bike. I was a big fan of Freeletics. Since this is only with my own body weight, the reps got so high to push me to the limit that I got bored. When I tried CrossFit for the first time, I knew this was it!

My goals in CrossFit? That is simple. I want to be able to continue training in the classes for a long time to come. Because that's what CrossFit Community is for me! I want to stay fit into old age, never stand still and always be on the move.

My favorite workout? I like lots of different workouts. However, I prefer WODs that are not only physically challenging, but also not easy on the mind. High numbers that make some people shake their heads - that's when my heart starts to beat faster.

Marlene's motto: Being humble is cooler than being famous!

Wiktoria RÜegg

Sport has always been an important part of my daily routine. I started playing basketball when I was 10 and played until I was 19. That was an essential part of my life. In between, I used to swim, go horse riding and play tennis.

I started CrossFit in 2020 because I needed a change from the gym. I love the different types of movements and the mix of sports disciplines. For example, weightlifting and gymnastics. And let's not forget the motivation provided by the community during the classes.

My goal in CrossFit is to get faster and stronger, avoid injuries and always have fun.

My favorite workout? Naturally Heavy Barbell Workouts: Grace, Heavy Grace, California Love, The Cali Bear.

Wik's motto: What goes around comes around!

Ciril BÜhlmann

I loved sport even when I was young. I proved myself in various team sports, challenged myself in triathlons and was always looking for my physical limits. As soon as I knew and could do something, it became monotonous and I looked for the next sport that would challenge me.

I discovered CrossFit in 2014 and realized after a few months that I wanted to keep this sport. I started coaching in 2015 and this is still my passion today. I want to pass on this passion, meaningfulness and enjoyment of sport.

My goals? I want to be as fit as I can be. I achieve this thanks to CrossFit.

My favorite movement: Snatch (tearing)

Ciril's motto: The joy should be bigger than any biceps!

Julian Hefti

I competed in alpine ski races as a child until I was 15. I also played soccer and took part in athletics.

I discovered CrossFit around 2015. My enthusiasm for it was so great that I completed Level 1 the following year and continued to develop.

For me, CrossFit means always trying to push yourself to the limit.

Favorite movement: Snatch

July's motto: Those who believe they are something have ceased to become something

Stefan Dinca

I had my first CrossFit experience 10 years ago in Romania and I have been working as a coach for almost 4 years. Three of these years were spent in Romania and just under a year in Switzerland. What I love about CrossFit is the challenge and competing with others. I love the thrill on the competition floor and the atmosphere with the spectators.

Besides CrossFit, I like sport in general. These include soccer, American football and F1. My goals in CrossFit are to continue to take part in competitions and have fun. Yes, and I would be lying if I hadn't secretly dreamed about the games. Outside of CrossFit, I would like to have an alpaca farm on Lake Zurich, I mean, why not?

Favorite workout? I love rowing. That's why I like the 5k row for time workout.

Favorite motto: Nobody cares. Work harder

Thomas Schiesser

I tried a lot of different sports in my younger years. Be it in martial arts or team sports. I then had to choose between floorball and football - in the end, I played football for over 20 years.

I saw Crossfit on the Internet and I really wanted to be able to do it. During this time, I was still an active footballer. There wasn't a Crossfit box in my region, so I taught myself a lot and tried to understand the movements on my own.

CrossFit goals? Staying fit so that I'm still in the juice after I retire

If I could put together a workout, it would probably be a triplet with heavy deadlifts, muscle ups and running.

Toschi's motto: More is more


My main job is currently with an insurance company and I am mainly involved in various projects.

As a good balance, I started CrossFit in Wädi in 2021.

CrossFit Wädi is not just a box, it's so much more... It's like a 2nd family!

I really appreciate the close-knit community among the members and coaches here. I feel very well looked after here at CrossFit Wädi and also appreciate the presence of the coaches during the classes.

My main goals in CrossFit are to stay healthy and fit. I think CrossFit is great for that. A good mix of strength and endurance in every workout.

I don't have a particular favorite workout, but there are always some that you prefer or don't prefer.


I am a business administrator and currently work as a flight coordinator in EF. I love the marketing world since I worked in that area for several years. I am also certified in sports nutrition and as a personal coach.

I have been training in CrossFit Wädenswil since February 2023. I moved to Switzerland in January and from the first class I took, I felt so great. The atmosphere and the friendliness of everyone at the box plus the professionalism of the coaches are some of the things I like the most.

My ultimate CrossFit goals are learning and improving the technique of the most complex movements and improve my performance.

My all the time favorite movement is definitely Power Clean!

My motivation is to see my own improvements every day. Knowing that with discipline and perseverance you can reach the goal, no matter how long it takes, each person needs different times, but the important thing is to get there.


I work for a cosmetics contract manufacturer as a filling manager.

Since joining Crossfit Wädenswil as a proud member in January 2020, I have been on a remarkable journey. My focus in Crossfit is on maintaining my health and taking part in 2 to 3 competitions a year. My ultimate goal is to reach the quarterfinals and keep improving.

I find inspiration and strength in the world of Crossfit, especially in my two favorite movements: the bar muscle-up and the clean.

My motto: It is more blessed to give than to receive. For me, "given" is more than just a word. It is a philosophy of life. Because I firmly believe that giving time, knowledge and support to others brings immeasurable rewards - both for the recipients and for myself.

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