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What are you training for?

This question is essential and should be asked regularly by everyone who trains.

At CrossFit Wädenswil we have the right training recommendation for everyone.

Exercising for health, well-being and fitness - the Fitness & Health Path is made for you.

CrossFit is your sport and the CrossFit Open is your annual highlight - Choose the Open Path

Fitness is important to you and you want to do even more for your appearance and strength - the Fitness & Build Path is the right place for you.

You are interested in CrossFit as a competitive sport - our Competitor Path is made for you and will take your skills to the next level.

Our Paths are not offers, but recommendations on how you can optimally adapt our diverse range of courses to your needs.

Our way

Fitness & Health Path

"Mens sana in corpore sano" A healthy mind in a healthy body - the Romans already knew this and it has remained so to this day.

You do CrossFit to support your life, your health and your well-being.

The training will improve your hormonal balance, shape your body, stimulate happiness hormones and make you mentally and physically more resilient and stress-resistant.

The best invested time of your life for your physical and mental health.

Training recommendation
CrossFit 3 to 5 times a week

Open Path

CrossFit is your sport. Are you an experienced athlete or motivated beginner and the CrossFit Open is your annual fitness festival?

Then the Open Path is the perfect place for you.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and adapt your training accordingly by maintaining strengths and turning weaknesses into strengths - for a well-coordinated overall package.

Training recommendation
4 to 5 times CrossFit
1 to 2 times Olympic weightlifting
1 to 2 times Open Path

Fitness & Build Path

Physical fitness with good stamina, paired with a muscular and defined body?

For these goals, the Fitness & BUILD Path is the right place for you.

Improve your fitness with a weekly dose of CrossFit. The additional strength training will tone your body and make you stronger and more defined.

Training recommendation
3 to 5 times CrossFit
BUILD 2 to 4 times

Competitor Path

CrossFit is more than just training for you - it's a passion, your sport, your life!

Then the Competitor Path is just right for you. Together with like-minded people, you push yourself to new heights every day, work specifically on your weaknesses and are ready to go the "extra mile".

Our Competitor Path is the first choice for all active or future competitive athletes.
To make sure you don't lose touch with the community, completing the CrossFit class every day is the most important part of your training - while additional training is done in the Open Gym and the special classes.

The path for all ambitious competitive athletes.

Training recommendation
5 times CrossFit Compete Programming
1-2 times special classes (OLY / Gymnastic)

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