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Member of the month – Tanya Pluess

Meet Tanya, the ray of sunshine that brightens our box!  Her infectious smile and positive energy light up our days. You can find her crushing workouts in the 9 am or lunchtime classes, always giving it her all. She is always in the company of her adorable dog – Joy, who’s always by her side, spreading extra joy to everyone. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing member like Tanya in our community!


  1. How long have you been training with us?

I officially joined CF Wädenswil last October or November, after a month of “investigation” to see if this was the right one for me and it turned out to be the best decision.


  1. How would you describe CrossFit Wädenswil?

Box with blue walls, compact but organized environment, fantastic Bar for shakes, and confident coaches.


  1. What inspires you the most in life?

I have to say that I often get my inspiration from movies, TV Series, and even cooking shows, as they take me away from everyday live and remind me that there is a world out there that is bigger and more fascinating than I think.


  1. What was your first CrossFit experience?

Clueless, everyone spoke an Alien language with secret codes, such as ” T2B, RM, Scaled, Rx ” Especially when I started it at 46, everything was harder.


  1. What is your favorite food?

Anything unhealthy especially with alcohol.


  1. What travel destinations are on your wish list?

Too many. to name a few, South Africa, Costa Rica, Egypt…


  1. Is there a particular CrossFit athlete you admire?

To be honest I don’t follow those athletes but there is one that I remember particularly – Sara Sigmundsdottir. I went to see the semi-final in Berlin in 2023. When I saw her sliding down from her legless rope climb, it was so painful to see her getting up again and failing, we could all feel her frustration but she kept trying.


  1. What tips would you give to someone new to CrossFit?

If you are a competitive person, CrossFit is for you. CrossFit is also for you if you are not competitive like me. Keep coming, practicing, and most importantly, find the right coach.


  1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Speedy power, so that I could do many things a lot faster so that I would have more time to relax.


  1. Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know yet….

I was doing mainly power yoga, spinning, and Body pump classes for 4 -5 years before COVID-19 happened, then we moved to Singapore during the pandemic in the summer of 2020, where I started doing Muay Thai boxing for 7  months.  In 2021, we relocated to Berlin and decided to return to our group fitness routine. To our surprise, none of the many fitness centers/studios would take us, because we didn’t have a “GERMAN BANK ACCOUNT “ !!!   They don’t accept advance payment and no credit cards. Only German IBAN !!!

Then one day I brought my son to his first trial CrossFit kid lesson at Crossfit grenzgänger, one of the after-school activities organized by his school in Berlin.  I met the box owner and he told me that we could pay the membership fee by credit card and dogs are welcome! So the next day the entire family joined CrossFit before knowing what CrossFit was all about.  That’s how I ended up doing CrossFit because no one wanted our money, only CrossFit did and now I am driving almost every day 33km (one way ) to CrossFit Wädenwil.

Thank you so much for this amazing interview. We are so happy to have you in the Wädi Community!