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Member of the month – Noëlle Scholze

Meet Noelle, our official Early Bird Extraordinaire and the undisputed champion of the 6:00 AM class at Crossfit Wädenswil! She’s been rocking the morning vibes since January 2020, sneaking in at 5:59 AM sharp, armed with her trusty Nocco Orange and a contagious energy that could power a city. Not only does she crush the WODs, but she’s also the reigning dance-off champion between sets. Who knew lifting could be so funky? Here’s to Noelle, the dawn dancer and laughter luminary of our box!

We are proud to have Noëlle in our CrossFit community.

In the interview you can find out more about Noëlle, it’s worth reading the interview…

  1. Why CrossFit Wädenswil?

    Because only Wädi has such a great community and super coaches who motivate me to get up so early in the morning! #earlybirds

  2. If you could wish for better in one discipline, what would it be? I’ve often dreamed of my first muscle up, but first I have to get better at the pull ups. But you can dream :)!

  3. What is your favorite food? There’s more than one :)! I love sushi, momos, mezze, baked vegetables and brunches with friends!
  4. What was your funniest experience during a Crossfit training session? That’s too many! In general, however, the short dance sessions in the morning hours are part of it!
  5. Is there a particular person who has particularly influenced or inspired you?

    I can’t say that. In general, it is my loved ones around me who have a positive influence on me and support me in everything I do.

  6. Is there a particular season that you prefer and why? I love all four seasons and the variety. Nevertheless, I am an absolute Christmas child and love the Advent season and of course the presents 🙂
  7. What was the last concert or event you attended?

    Shirin David! We love it!

  8. What influence does Crossfit have on other areas of your life?

    In addition to the sore muscles, I can carry heavy weights or my 3 goddesses around without any problems thanks to the training :). The best thing about Crossfit, however, is the joy of sport, which generally has a positive influence on my life :)!

  9. Is there anywhere else in the world you would like to visit? Australia! I was there once and I really want to go again!

  10. Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know yet…
    With my second name I am literally called golden Christmas 🙂

Thank you very much for the interesting interview.

It’s great to have you with us!