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Member of the month – Mischa Imhof

Dear Community!
This month we would like to introduce Mischa as our Member of the Month for April. Mischa, a real powerhouse, not only inspires us as an early bird in our 6 a.m. classes, but also with his passion for sport and music. In winter he conquers the slopes on skis and snowboard, in summer he explores the hiking trails. With his imposing size and strength, Mischa not only impresses on the training floor, but also with his hidden talent on a musical instrument that we perhaps didn’t even know he could play. Let’s celebrate Mischa for his energy, enthusiasm and inspiration! Congratulations, Mischa!

1. why CrossFit Wädenswil?

Crossfit Wädi has a great community, the training environment is top in terms of the quality of the equipment and the coaches and you are allowed to drop

2. what made you start CrossFit and how has your attitude towards it changed over time?

I started in 2015 when I was still living in Australia. Colleagues pointed this out to me at the time and said that it would be something for me. At first I couldn’t justify the cost, but I also didn’t know how great a coach-led program is and how much it can do for your fitness and everyday life.

3. what has been your most formative experience or biggest challenge during your CrossFit journey so far?

The best thing was the rapid progress at the beginning. You learn something new every day and can suddenly do things that you never thought you would be able to do (e.g. handstand pushups, handstand walking, muscle ups, butterfly pullups, snatch, clean and jerk, etc.).

4. which CrossFit exercise do you like the most and why?

Preferably high skill and heavy and definitely not double unders. The Snatch fascinates me because it is so technical. Also the Ring Muscle Up, because the world simply looks different when you’re up there

5. how do you motivate yourself if you are perhaps not quite so motivated on a training day?

I never really have to motivate myself because I’m used to getting up when the alarm goes off and just going (you snooze you lose). That’s why I’ve been an early bird for years. There’s nothing better for me than starting the day with an hour of fitness. There is no excuse and nothing gets in the way. You get up, do a bit of fitness and you’re done. In addition, you are always fully prepared when work and the day begins. Really shaken up

6. is there a specific goal or performance you would like to achieve in CrossFit in the near future?

I just want to continue to enjoy training, maintain my fitness and, above all, prevent and avoid injuries. Unfortunately, PRs don’t come around that often after these years, and that’s okay.

7. apart from training, what other interests or hobbies do you have that you like to share with the CrossFit community?

I love everything to do with the mountains and spend a lot of time skiing and snowboarding in winter and hiking in summer. I like racing down the slopes with carving turns, powder skiing on my snowboard or running up the mountain on touring skis. The feeling of being at the top and having achieved something is unique. Apart from that, I play a few instruments (piano, guitar, bass) – the only thing in my life that isn’t structured – I just improvise.

8. do you have a favorite cheat meal that you like to enjoy after a hard workout?

The harder the workout, the better the shake tastes. I love pizza and good old Schnipo. I also can’t resist sweets. I also think beer is great. The good thing about training so much is that I can afford to do it.

9. what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit?

Crossfit is the best there is. It is a combination of strength, endurance, fitness, gymnastics and weightlifting, in a group of like-minded people, fast and intense. Crossfit prepares you for life. The fitness effect is proven and it’s incredible what you can do in an hour. Crossfit is the best hour of your day. You don’t have to think much, you just walk and an hour later you think to yourself how you achieved all that again. The feeling after a hard workout is indescribable. You also suffer together with the community and, as you know, a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.

10. if you could have a superpower in CrossFit, what would it be and why?

If someone could implant me with the Double Unders abilities, I would be satisfied


“Thank you for letting me be a part of Crossfit Wädi.” – Mischa Imhof