Wiktoria Rüegg – Member of the Month

Wiktoria Rüegg ist unser Member of the Month vom Oktober.

Herzliche Gratulation Wiktoria, wir sind stolz dich diesen Monat als Member of the Month vorstellen zu dürfen.

1. Wer ist Wiktoria?  

I’m 24 years old and I come from Poland. I have lived in Switzerland for 6 years. My life was always related to sport, since childhood I was riding horses for 10 years, I was playing tennis for 5 years and then, before starting high school, I fell in love with basketball. This passion put me in the team captain position and allowed me to lead my team to polish juniors’ championships. Some time ago I finished my personal trainer and nutritionist education, but there are some more things to come.

2. Wie bist du auf CrossFit  Wädenswil gekommen?

Through Ana. I was coming first just from time to time for Saturday’s partner workout, then I decided to get a 10 Abo which was gone in less than 2 weeks. That was a sign that I should completely change the box, because that’s the place where I feel so damn good.

3. Du wirst auf eine einsame Insel verbannt und darfst nur einen Gegenstand mitnehmen. Welcher wäre das?

That’s quite a hard question. There are so many things which I would like to take with me, but I think I couldn’t survive without the barbell 😂! So yes, definitely a loaded barbell with plates already on it (then it’s a one item).

4. Was sind deine Ziele im CrossFit?

I work hard. I put in work day by day. So, I dream big. I hope that one day when I master all the movements (especially gymnastics) I will be able to go to the games, but this is still a very long way to go and it requires a lot of dedication, consistency, hard work and time. Since I started CrossFit 1.5 years ago and I see my progress over this time I think with a right mind set up everything is possible! Especially when you truly love and enjoy the struggle and when you do it with all your heart. 

5. Beschreibe deinen perfekten Tag..

Wake up in the morning, COFFEE + GOWOD mobility, COFFEE, coming to the box for a class, COFFEE, coming back home and having a meal + short nap, COFFEE, heading back to the box for a second workout, COFFEE, going home, relax (mostly reading book and using some recovery tools), 20 min daily gowod mobility, meal prep and enough hours of sleep.

6. Was würde uns an dir überraschen?

I don’t have a TV at home. I read plenty of books, most likely one book per week no matter how long it is, I always divide the number of pages through 7 days, to finish it by Sunday evening.

7. Wonach bist du süchtig?

I’m addicted to getting stronger and to being better than I was yesterday. And of course – I’m addicted to nocco and everything that has caffeine inside. 

8. Gibt es etwas, wovon du schon lange träumst, dich aber noch nicht getraut hast, es zu tun?

Since around 1 year I’ve been planning to move to the USA at least for a certain time. It’s a big dream, but unfortunately due all the corona restrictions and regulations as for now is put on hold, but I hope any time soon it will finally happen.

9. Was darf in deinem Kühlschrank niemals fehlen?

When you open my fridge, you will always find eggs, a lot of vegetables (mostly broccoli and green beans), cheese 😍, almond milk and a lot of Nocco cans.

10. Wenn du jemanden erzählst was CrossFit Wädi ist, wie würde dich das anhören?

I would say that’s definitely the best box ever! Everything is on point. Organization, all the special events and tough Saturday’s workout. Best community with unconditional support  and that is the place when you feel like home!

and of course – baby girl LOU!

Herzlichen Dank Wiktoria für das tolle Interview. Es ist schön dich bei uns haben zu dürfen. 😀