Phil Fuerstner – Member of the Month

Phil ist unser Member of the Month vom November!!

Herzliche Gratulation Phil, wir sind stolz dir diesen Monat den Titel „Member of the Month“ zu verleihen.

Phil war quasi von Anfang an dabei und von Anfang an begeistert. So begeistert, dass er von Mal zu Mal immer mehr Leute mitgebracht oder motiviert hat, zu uns ins Training zu kommen. Ganz herzlichen Dank dafür Phil – wir sind stolz und froh, dich als Member of the Month bei uns zu haben.

Natürlich wollen wir alle etwas mehr über Phil erfahren und haben ihm deshalb einige Fragen gestellt (Antworten in Englisch).

1. Wie bist du zum CrossFit Wädenswil gekommen, wie hast du von uns erfahren und was hat dich dazu bewogen bei uns zu bleiben?

I came to CF Wädi as I knew the previous owner of the Wädi box (Nick).  Even though we live in Wädenswil, the previous box just was not at a standard (scheduling, coaches, quality) that would convince us to ever switch. That all changed once the new team arrived and reinvented the new box! We love it.  Thus far I have experienced great coaching, I am being properly corrected on form and technique, I am being pushed to advance, work hard, yet have lots of fun. The members and coaches have made a super atmosphere, and that more than anything is one of the main reasons I/we stay. Yes I like to train and keep myself fit. But I like to train and do sport with friends and like minded people even more! So, I have actively tried to (and succeeded) in getting many of my friends/colleagues to join CF Wädi as well 🙂
Oh ya, all brand new equipment and being able to drop the bar in the box is worth its price in gold!

2. Hast du vor dem CrossFit bereits Sport getrieben? Wenn ja, welche Art?

Yes. Been doing CF for about 4.5 years in Horgen. When I was younger I did a lot of „Gym“. I also used to trail run and mountain bike a lot. Growing up I was a big tennis player as well as a surfer as we lived on the beach in California (I surfed every day). In school I played soccer, american football, a little lacrosse and skateboarded/skimboarded/surfed/wakeboarded in my free time. Winter is also a big passion. I have skiied since I was 5, snowboarded since I was 14, and have trained both my sons to ski as well. In winter I go as often as possible to get fresh tracks in off piste slopes in the powder. When no fresh powder, I ski around the mountains with my 2 sons.

3. Welche 3 Adjektive beschreiben dich als Person am besten?

Open, motivated, empathetic

4. Du kannst für einen Tag in die Haut einer beliebigen Person schlüpfen. Wen möchtest du sein und warum? 

Jack Ma (
To understand his business mind, gain strategic insight, and learn about big bets to focus on for the future. To better my future career!

5. Wenn du heute das WOD für die Box schreiben dürftest, wie würde das aussehen?

Every minute on the minute, for 20 minutes, complete:
Minute 1: 10 power cleans (60Kg)
Minute 2: 10 S2OH (clean once unbroken 60Kg)
Minute 3: 20 push-ups
Minute 4: 10 front squats (unbroken 60Kg)
Minute 5: 10 strict pull ups
*** I also like WODs with running in it

6. Du hast leider nur noch eine letzte Mahlzeit – Was gibt es bei dir zu essen?

Sushi all you can eat!

7. Wie sieht ein Tag im Leben von Phil nebst deinem CrossFit Training aus?

Work, kids, my power woman wife, puppy dog. Cooking, helping with homework/tests, shuttling kids to sports, keeping my work projects on track, staying healthy, reading when possible. Busy busy busy!

8. Du strandest auf einer einsamen Insel. Welche 3 Gegenstände hast du mit dabei?

Liam, Jonah, Juliane. Our family is strong together!

9. Erzähl uns etwas über dich was wir noch nicht wissen! 

Can’t stand blood! Big and strong, but a super whimp when it comes to seeing blood. Be that on TV shows, (I have to cover my eyes- Juliane always laughs at me) and especially my own blood. I have hurt myself soo many times in my life that I just hate it now (3 broken wrists, 2 broken collar bones, one shoulder surgery, 10 different cuts on body that required stitches).  However, I can definitely deal with injuries/blood of my kids. There I man up and solve the issue!  Papa bear by nature 🙂

Merci Phil für das Interview und deine super Antworten. Wir sind mega stolz dich als Member of the Month zu haben!