Sasha Ashkenazy – Member of the month

Sasha ist unser Member of the Month vom Oktober!!

Beim Umbau unserer schönen neuen Box war Sasha massgeblich beteiligt und hat einen grossen Teil zur rechtzeitigen Eröffnung beigetragen.

Bereits vor der Eröffnung war sie Feuer und Flamme für unser Projekt „CrossFit Wädenswil“ und hat ordentlich die Werbetrommel gerührt. Herzlichen Dank für alles Sasha, wir sind superstolz und froh dich als Member bei uns zu haben.

Natürlich wollen wir alle etwas mehr über Sasha erfahren und haben ihr deshalb einige Fragen gestellt. (antworten in Englisch)

1.) Wie bist du zum CrossFit Wädenswil gekommen und wie hast 
du von uns erfahren?

When I heard that CrossFit Ouf might be taking over the location in Wädenswil, I was thrilled! I remembered Dome and Lori from the Survival of the Fittest earlier that year – they were so friendly and easy to talk to, and so strong and such an incredible team. I was already ‚friends‘ with Dome on Facebook, so I cheekily messaged him to ask if the rumours were true, and I was so glad they were. The rest is history.

2.) Welches sind deine meistgebrauchten Emoji’s? (Screenshot please)

3. ) Was bedeutet es für dich CrossFit zu machen und was macht eine gute Box aus?

I couldn’t imagine a life without CrossFit anymore – it has given me so much, I’ve never been as fit, strong or healthy (and sore) as I am now, and I also think this contributes to being a good role model for my daughters. I love the variety, the phrase ’specializing in not being specialized‘ (which is how I am in so many things) – it’s just a great fit to me as a person. What makes a good box? The community, having fun and suffering together, motivating and helping each other and of course great coaches and programming 🙂

4.) Du hast leider nur noch einen Tag zu leben.. Wie möchtest du den Tag verbringen?

This may sound a little boring, but I would probably just organise a big feast at my house and spend the day with close friends and family

5.) Welches ist dein lieblings Open WOD, was hast du für einen Bezug dazu?

Open WOD 18.2. I redid it two days after and was more than a minute faster with the DB Front Squats and Burpees over the Bar (6:54 vs. 8:08), same clean of 60kg, but I was super happy with the faster time. 🙂 – 17.5 I also redid about five months after and was almost 3min faster. I love seeing improvement!

6..) Was war deine letzte google Suche (screenshot plz)?

Long story why I googled that… 

7. ) Wie sieht ein Tag im leben von Sasha nebst deinem CrossFit Training aus?

Wake up 30min before the kids do, so I can do Romwod, then get kids up, get them ready for school and myself ready for work, then COFFEE, then drive to work, work, lunch, work, drive to the box, training, drive home, then dinner with kids and take them to bed, clear up the house and go to bed myself – single mom of two working full time = not much free time left 😉 On weekends I like going out for brunch/lunch/dinner, or cook/bake something at home, movies, a bit of hiking or cycling, Badi in the summer, doing stuff around the garden and at home

8. ) Welches war dein bisher coolstes Training bei uns?

Yesterday (Saturday) 3 x 12min AMRAP with buy-in of rowing, push press/thrusters/squat cleans and max lateral burpees over the bar with Corinna Nitsch. SO. MUCH. FUN. Class was full, so much energy, it was awesome! Long workouts are best for me, I really fire up after about 15min 

9.) Einen Tag eine Superkraft besitzen.. was würdest du wählen?

Hm… that’s a tough one. But I’d probably want to be Karma for a day hehehe – or be able to fly

10.) Erzähl uns etwas über dich was wir noch nicht wissen!

I’m half Icelandic, I absolutely LOVE doing puzzles and I’m one of the few people who actually likes doing thrusters or wall balls. 

Merci Sasha für das Interview und deine tollen Antworten.

Wir sind mega stolz dich als Member of the Month zu haben!